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10 highlights of the route of the Orient Express

  Jul 18, 2017

JOURNEY TO ISTANBUL – A lifetime adventure


  1. Be blown away by the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, gateway to the Orient
  2. Upgrade to the Pera Palace hotel, Istanbul for just £100 for 2 nights


ON THE WAY – A cross section of European culture

  1. Be entranced by the magnificent alpine and Transylvanian vistas
  2. At Vienna visit the Spanish Riding school home of Lipizzaner horses
  3. Experience the original spa hotel, the Gellert in Budapest
  4. The medieval Saxon town of Brasov and Draculas castle, Bram
  5. Admire the Arc de Triumf in elegant Bucharest just like Paris
  6. Sample the rich Sacher Torte at the famous Vienna coffee house


ISTANBUL - GATEWAY TO THE ORIENT – the former Constantinople

  1. Topkapi Palace, home of the Ottoman Sultans, beautiful gardens and views of the Bosphorus
  2. Look out for Egyptian Obelisks and Roman hippodrome
  3. Was Constantinople, capital of Byzantium, admire Hagia Sophia former cathedral
  4. Finally hone your haggling skills in the Egyptian Spice market, Istanbul