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At last I can consider taking a holiday by train to Europe !   Oct 19, 2016

My husband and I are both in our seventies and find travelling becoming more and more

strenuous and stressful.  However, on researching train holidays to Europe I came upon which have a Travel Assist Service.   For a fee well in level with the cost

of the holiday we can hire a travel assistant to accompany us on the journey there and back

to one of the destinations we require.  In our case we are considering  a holiday to

Venice which would take us from St. Pancras station on Eurostar to Paris and then on to

Santa Lucia station in Venice.  We have the option to spend the night in Paris or do the journey

In one day.  Either way our travel assist personnel will stay with us on both journeys, taking care

of luggage, guiding us through to the right platforms and generally making sure we are looked after

and STRESS FREE !!   This definitely would make the journey part of the holiday !


For us this is a fantastic plus, and we are now in a position to travel by train which we love,

with a choice of wonderful destinations.    Just a thought, this could include taking us to the

embarkation port of a river cruise !


After a life time of working really hard we believe it’s our time to have a bit of fun and luxury

Now all that is made possible through this excellent innovative travel support.


 We will certainly be in touch this week to book our tour.


Sybil Weston  East Sussex