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Pilatus - A Swiss legend

  Sep 29, 2016

Could this 7,000 ft mountain near Lucerne really be the burial place of Pontius Pilate so named after him? A mediaeval legend has it that dragons with healing powers lived on the mountain. Part of it has fortified radar run by the Swiss military. Pilatus certainly attracts thousands of visitors each year but not for those reasons!

In the middle of the 19th century a tourism boom brought thousands of visitors to Pilatus for amazing views. it was the invention of the cog railway that made it possible to build a line to the summit with gradients up to 48% still the steepest in Europe, this was opened in 1889. The engineer who proposed the railway, Eduard Locher, was thought to be crazy, but his achievement has stood the test of time. When I was there on a sunny September day, 6 trains were in operation.

Of course being in Switzerland it's a slick operation with restaurants, hotels and event' spaces, now you can even get down a different way by cable car, gondola and bus.But when it comes to it, the views are stupendous and you can rely on the Swiss to get you there safely, isn't that what holidays are about?

Traintours4u have both a Lakes and Mountains and Inclusive holiday to Lucerne. The Pilatus starting point is at Alpnachstad 15 minutes by train or an hour by leisurely steamer from central Lucerne. Come back the same way as the cable car & gondola option is very disjointed. Allow a half day for the excursion if you take the train.