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Railpods successor to HS2?   Mar 21, 2017

HS3 the proposed high speed train link across the North could be supplanted by Railpods, travelling over 700 mph and taking just 12 minutes, fact or fiction read the Times article below!


Rail pods aim to cross Britain in 12 minutes

March 18 2017, 12:01am, The Times

Plans for the technology, which uses magnets to carry pods through a low-pressure tube at close to the speed of sound, have been drawn up for Dubai, aboveShareSave

Britain is poised to be at the forefront of a 720mph rail system capable of carrying passengers east-to-west across the country in 12 minutes, according to the project’s leaders.

Hyperloop One — the company behind a near-supersonic line dubbed the fifth mode of transport — said that the UK had been identified as one of the top five markets globally for the technology.

Nick Earle wants Britain to be at the vanguard of near-supersonic rail travel

In his first interview on the project Nick Earle, the operator’s British senior vice-president, said that discussions had taken place with officials across Whitehall with a view to launching in the country. The company has taken on eight permanent British staff — its only base in Europe — to expand the technology.

The move comes before the first full trial of the system, which uses magnets to carry pods through a low-pressure tube at close to the speed of sound (767mph). The technology will be tested in the Nevada desert by the end of June. It is claimed that it would be the first new mode of transport after road, rail, sea and air.

Mr Earle said that the company was pushing for the opportunity to undertake a detailed feasibility study into building the first UK line as an east-to-west link across the north of England, connecting Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull in 12 minutes.

He criticised the £56 billion being spent on High Speed 2, saying that the technology was barely different from the steam-powered railways built almost 200 years ago. Mr Earle, an IT specialist and former senior vice-president of Cisco, the technology conglomerate, said that there were “questions to ask about HS2” — the 250mph line linking London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds that is expected to be completed by 2033.

He said that Hyperloop could be built at two thirds of the price per mile, partly because it is on stilts above ground, with a fraction of the land-grab needed for a conventional railway. He insisted that it could be developed on a cross-Pennine route even before HS2 was finished. If successful, it could be used to expand on the HS2 network, he added.