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Ticket Sales Terms and Conditions


DB tickets and reservations are priced in Euros converted to sterling at a fixed exchange rate. Eurostar Tickets are priced in sterling. Each transaction subject to booking fee of £35 ( or £15 if the ticket value is below £50) which is non-refundable.Payment may be made by cash, cheque (7 days' clearance) or the following cards: Visa, Mastercard,. 3% charge on credit and charge cards.

Single or Return Tickets

DB tickets within Germany are valid one day up 100 kms, longer distances 4 days (Single), 1 month (return). SNCF and all international tickets are valid for 1 month except for 'Global' priced tickets such as Eurostar™, City Night Line, Thalys, TGV and Elipsos, AVE and tickets in Sweden which can only be used on specified service. Other international services may require us to issue tickets up to one or more borders of each country transited - this is not a changing point - please check reservations carefully!

Apex (Advance Purchase)

These tickets are non-refundable and non exchangeable.

Other reduced fares

For example Leisure (France), Youth and Senior also other discounted return fares allow at least one change up to the day before departure, but are non-refundable once issued Eurostar Senior and Youth fares are non changeable and non refundable.

Full Fare tickets

These are exchangeable and refundable up to the day before departure, but not afterwards.


These are refundable up to the day before departure, but not afterwards

Booking fee

Each transaction is subject to a booking fee of £37.50 up to 9 passengers, for 10 or more passenger the booking fee is £50.

Cancellations, refunds, exchange of tickets

Except for full fare most tickets are non-refundable if unused and you are advised to take out travel insurance prior to booking. If the ticket is exchangeable a fee of £20 per person will apply, or if cancelled, the fee is £30 for each traveller. This is in addition to any fees charged by the railway companies. Seat reservations are not refundable, couchette and sleeper reservations if not cancelled by at least the day before departure are also not refundable.CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF COUPONS - ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS APPLY TO EUROSTAR™

Supplements are payable in certain coaches and trainsThe coupons assembled in this booklet form with the cover a single travel document; coupons without a cover and those which do not bear issuing stamp or a corresponding imprint are not valid.Carriage under this ticket is subject to:- the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage and Rail (CIV),on condition that it is effected by the services at least two transport undertakings belonging to different countries which are parties to the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF), or of one transport undertaking only which is a party to the COTIF, provided that the services, considered to be international within the meaning of the convention;- in respect of the carriage by sea or mixed rail-sea carriage, the provision of the law to which the sea carrier is subject and the conditions of carriage of the sea carrier.

Coupons of the present tickets are subject to the Standard International Tariff for the Transport of Passengers and Luggage (TCV), except those valid by the services of non-Members transport undertakings of the TCV which are issued subject to domestic tariffs of the transport undertakings concerned or falling such tariffs the conditions of the transport undertaking in question.Unless otherwise shown in the tariff or on the front of coupons, the journey may be effected on any date within the limits of the period of validity. The journey must be completed at the latest by a train which is shown in the timetable as arriving at the destination station not later that midnight of the last day of validity (i.e. a coupon valid 2months from 23rd October may be used up to midnight on 22nd of December).Coupons must be used in consecutive order and in the direction for which they have been issued. If several circular tours or return journeys begin at the same station, the passenger is free to effect them in any other to suit himself.Break of journey is authorised, without formality, within the limits of the period of validity. However, in France, the ticket must be date stamped (composter) before each leg of the journey and is valid for the following 24 hours.Coupons may only be detached by railway staff. The staff are instructed to return any coupon detached in error to passengers after suitable endorsement.Unused tickets must be returned to the issuing office not late than the first day of validity. Applications for refund on unused tickets submitted after the first day of validity, or in respect of partially used tickets, must be addressed in writing, within a period of 2 months from the travel dates of the tickets, to the issuing office. In such cases the passenger must, before the expiry of the period of validity of the ticket obtain an immediate endorsement thereon at the station where he abandoned all or part of the journey. Failing such immediate endorsement, it is the passenger's responsibility to produce some other form of definite evidence which will prove the non-use of his ticket.The passenger must be present at the carrying out of formalities required by Customs or other administrative bodies.The tickets must be shown when registering baggage.When the ticket is issued by a travel agency, the agency is merely the intermediary of the carriers and assumes no liability resulting from the transport contract. Eurostar™ Tickets

Check-in closes 30 minutes prior to departure. You may not be allowed to board if you arrive after this time. Holders of Premium First, Business and Standard Flexi tickets can check-in up to 20 minutes before departure.Eurostar™ Conditions of Carriage and fare terms apply. Certain fares carry restrictions on exchange and/or refunds. Please check before you travel.For immigration purposes a Passport or national identity card (and visa if appropriate) is required for your Eurostar™ destination.Animals, including guide dogs, are not allowed on Eurostar™ trains. Dangerous items such as knives, CS gas and firearms cannot be carried with you.For information and bookings after departure contact 00 44 1233 617575 in the UK or 06 36 35 35 39 in France or 02 528 28 28 in Belgium.Baggage tags available at Eurostar™ terminals are required for all luggage.The information on this web site and given by phone or in writing is based on that supplied by various railways. It is given in good faith and we would like to be aware of any errors or omissions.

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